Miniature Golf Course and Equipment

Library Mini Golf supplies all the golf equipment for your event. Each course consists of 18 different putting greens, 18 tee markers, and an assortment of deflectors and obstacle. Everything to make a very challenging and interesting course that will span your entire building. We also supply the putters, balls, and pencils.

The fairways of each hole take advantage of the rows between library stacks and other key features of your facility. The balls stay on the course by the proper placement of bumpers, tubes, and other deflectors.

The only materials supplied by the library are the paper and actual printing of the scorecards (designed by LMG) and then whatever physical attribution you decide to offer your sponsors. Some sponsors are often secured within 48 hours of the event, requiring the library to handle the printing.


Design Services

 Floor Plan Review

Each course uses the floor plan and the location of stacks and furniture as a fundamental part of the design of the course. We will ask you to provide a floor plan of your library, measurements, and pictures if possible.

Course Design

Using our design templates and software, we create a unique miniature golf course design which will take advantage of the natural flow of your library. Your stacks are an integral part of how we will route the fairways for most holes, including multiple floors. Course design will be submitted for your approval.

Scorecard Design

The scorecard is an essential part of the process; it is a key part of attracting sponsors for the event. The first scorecard design will be completed after confirmation of your course design. It is then updated as you secure sponsors and ask them to send us their logos. [see information on how to send us your sponsors' logos.]. In the last few days before your event when you are sure we have all the sponsors, we will create the final scorecard for you to print. See a sample course/scorecard


Each green has space dedicated to giving the sponsors credit for their support. The library is typically responsible for printing the signage. .


Event Management


Course set up and break down

We usually drive the course to your building and the course will most often be set up the night before the event by LMG's Tournament Director with some volunteer help. It has been our experience that it takes four to six volunteers about two and half to three hours to set up the course. Anyone can volunteer since there are no heavy items to move or electrical tools to use, but we find that because a large percentage of the work is on your hands and knees, teenagers and even pre-teens make very effective volunteers.

Supervision of Play

The Library will also need a few volunteers to collect playing fees at the start of each round, return the putters and balls to the registration area, run raffles, auctions, concessions, etc. The number of volunteers varies by the number of activities taking place. Typically, no more six volunteers are needed for the event itself.